Michael Vogt wrote:

html: <http://michaelvogt.eu/flow.html>

I have 2 questions:

- is there a better way to do the html structure for this?

You'll have to make some structural/sequential changes to get the visual
effect you're after, since CSS alone can't handle such effects with any
accuracy yet. Thus, the visual won't reflect the source-order.

- is there a way that only 2 lines of text are allowed above the small box? The other text should flow automatically around the box.

With a "spacer-float", yes. See example...


IE/win (all versions) need help though, as it mixes up the calculations.
Most of IE's problems can be avoided by reorganizing where the
margins/paddings go in the layout as a whole.

Also, the line-up won't be reliable using fixed dimensions, pixels,
since there isn't such a thing as fixed font-sizes/line-heights in web
design. Thus, you'll have to modify dimensions to work with relative
font-sizes/line-heights if you want to avoid all sorts of breaking and
overlapping when such a request gets subjected to the slightest amount
of stress across browser-land.

Otherwise: no problem.


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