Hello Philippe.

> No problems ? With Fx Mac and Safari 2.04, 3.03beta and the latest
> WebKit builds, the is a slight overlap: the top part of the floated
> block is partly covered by the text outside of it. In Gecko the
> floated block is under that text, in WebKit, the floated block is on
> top.
> Depending on your font-size, this is more or less pronounced.
> (It is a known issue/bug with that kind of trick, btw; the floated
> block is placed slightly too high in the flow).
Thank you for pointing out the problems of the test document. Think
this will help later in the implementation.

I am aware that I have to do the finetuning. I sure can't expect
someone else to do my work. Beeing aware of this "trick" Georg posted
in the first place helps a lot.

Michael Vogt

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