Hello Dave.

(Sorry for the late reply. somehow Gmail did not list this thread in the inbox)

Thank you for your great suggestions. I am sorry that I was not
clearer about the usage of this template.

In reallity, I deliver only the HTML inside the div.part4, which in
turn wil be made available to editors through an edit interface inside
a CMS. So yes, the editor has another template to add h1 and h2 to the
complete interface. I think, I might need the div.part4 to set correct
margins above and below the template.

> I presume this is part of a page and is just to demonstrate the layout
> but there are other issues like no doctype or character set and the
> your using a heading 3 without 1 or 2 present but I presume this would
> be corrected in the final page?
Yes, I hope so. I don't even know the person who binds the complete
site together.

> Obviously this would also include the
> inline style that you have for the margin on the body.

> Also you're declaring font-size in pixels but you need to use either
> em or a percentage value if you want the page to be accessible.
Yes, I agree. But I do have problems to push this through the powers
that decide what gets to be done. I have a styleguide from a large
design agency in germany. At the beginning of this sheet they write
that they want the fonts set in pixels... pitty.

> You might find this useful to convert your sizes
> http://www.dave-woods.co.uk/?p=79
Yes, thanks.

> Other than that though, it's a relatively simple layout so should only
> really need a few <div> containers and then the relevant heading's
> applied along with paragraphs of text.
> Hope that helps.

Michael Vogt

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