Hi Paul,

thanks for your thoughts. Could you share why you went for Yahoo YUI
rather than e.g. Blueprint CSS?

Please explain to me what you mean with CSS for a "creative workgroup"
and "dev workgroup". Why is this distinction necessary?

I am currently looking into CSS compression. This has, however, the
disadvantage of removing effective live debugging with Firebug because
all CSS rules will be on one single line. How do you address this

I'm actually questioning the approach to use IDs because they have such
a strong specificity. I'm aiming for using them only if Javascript
dictates it or if we really, really need them. Otherwise I'd rather use
a class.


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This was before we adopted the Yahoo YUI for our in-house development.

I'd suggest you create separate CSS files and workflows for a creative
workgroup and a development workgroup (content.css and controls.css) as
both departments will want to release unique controls and content
elements that won't be able to pick up the existing styles. This will
relieve pressure on the framework CSS files.

I'd suggest that CSS be added to a project and validated before going
out, and use ID to isolate areas where you can. You should be able to
clean out the content.css and controls.css files periodically.

The multiple stylesheets are a concern, but your base framework can be
combined and compressed and served from somewhere else as others have

You can do much the same for the javascript too.


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