For our "custom" projects at my work we have recently adopted the
combine.php <> for compression
(+gzip done by the server). On top of Tripoli; I have created our on
in-house CSS framework/template that gets me 85-90% of the CSS I need for
each site based on HTML standards we code with.
Best Regards,
Nate Hanna

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> For me, assuming you are 100% sure about your compression scheme, is to do
> all of your debugging against a test site (with no compression).
> This is what I do with my main site; the take-live process copies files
> from my test site, via a staging site, on to the live server. The process
> also handles copyright dates, build numbers, comment removal and some light
> compression/optimisation. Because I wrote this script from the ground up I
> was able to keep the compression reasonable too: a few line breaks aren't
> the end of the world in terms of size, but allow me to do enough debugging
> on the live system to tell roughly where things are going wrong on the odd
> occasion where something gets by. (9 times out of 10that is because I have
> missed a dependant file!)
> Mike
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> I am currently looking into CSS compression. This has, however, the
> disadvantage of removing effective live debugging with Firebug because
> all CSS rules will be on one single line. How do you address this
> problem?
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