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> Matijs wrote:
>> I have to agree with Elizabeth here. Semantically I'd say that this is one
>> of the few occasions where a <br/> would be appropriate. The verses would be
>> paragraphs of course
>    I did this a while back on a site for an author. I decided it was the
> best compromise between practicallity, readability and standards.  I gave
> each verse a CSS class called 'stanza'.
>    See:  http://www.webscribe.fsnet.co.uk/chapters/c3summer.html
>    Bob
>    www.gwelanmor-internet.co.uk

>From all the replies I have read through and from all the articles I have
read up on, this is probably the best solution I came across.

I would wrap the whole poem within a <div>, then each of the verses in a
paragraph and the lines created using <br />.

Anyone against this method? and why?

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