dwain wrote:
> i agree, put the poem in a <div>, place the poem inside a <p>, use <br
> /> (<br> for html4) at the end of each line and a double <br />
> between stanzas (unless you are writing a verrrrry long poem, then i'd
> go for <p> at every stanza).
> cheers,
> dwain

Hello Web Standards Group List Readers,
This is my first post here, and i am looking forward to more conclusive discussions.

Now back on topic. If you ask me, i would say that a double <br> is a <p> already. Look at word processing programs. When you wish for a double <br> you will simply type "Enter". If you want a line-break you will mostly do a Shift+Enter.

<p> is a paragraph and a poem can consist of multiple paragraphs, called verses. The discussion might be about small matters, but i feel <p> looks more like it fits breaking a poem into verses.

Another idea might be using an <ul> list instead of <div> an wrapping the poems into <li> list elements, since your chained <div> elements would result in a list of poems.

So far my first thoughts.
regards, Jens

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