I used osCommerce and Virtuemart with Joomla.
osCommerce is pretty straightforward, Virtuemart is a plugin/component
for Joomla CMS and I prefer it even thought it's not as good (it's
simpler tho).

You don't need any photoshop knowledge above resizing/cutting photos
and that's really basics.
Now about inputting products, I have made a shop for a friend who has
over 1000 products so obviously he and his team had to input all of
them (I've prepared and printed a tutorial for them with screenshots
of the back-end), but on few other projects when there were only 3-10
products I've done the job myself.

The real biggy when setting those shops is to test them thoroughly, in
every possible way before launching it live/starting proper
out-of-the-site SEO.

Then, in the end, tell your client that a shop itself won't make ANY
money if not SEO'd properly and advertised in a proper nieche
depending on your product/places you ship to, and get some extra $$$
for the job, depending on the competition.


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