Agreed Jason, totally blind users may be small in number but turning away 
those with partial sight could hurt your clients bottom line; the trick is 
to invite in the "missing" 11% without making the site so boring that 
"normal" users wander off elsewhere.

Further it may help to widen the accessibility argument; these days for 
example I can often be found slumped in a corner in the evenings with my 
Ipod touch seeking out images for use use on my own and clients sites.

Pre Ipod touch I wandered between two or three such sites looking for 
inspiration; these days I tend to go to just the one place to spend my money 
mainly because my Ipod barfs when faced with Flash or poor design and 
because the site I like "just works" on the mobile device as well as the 
real mac or various PCs.

Usability and accessibility in action as it were.

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Good Morning everyone!

  I have a client that wants me to write his navigation mostly as a
picture and then use image maps to get to the actual links.

I am wondering, how would I go about convincing my client that this
isn't the best way to do it? I personally think that some nice text
links, styled properly with CSS would look just as good if not better
then image maps.

  Oh, and to put it into context, it's a picture rating site so I
don't know that Blind users are going to be too much of a concern for
him since they can't see what the main part of the site is for.

Any info I could get about this would be wonderful!

Thanks everyone!


Jason Pruim
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