i'm slowly bringing my web site up to better accessibility standards

and i have a few more things to do like add a skip nav link and access keys.

Before you add accesskeys, check out
http://www.wcagsamurai.org/errata/errata.html#GL9 ... basically the errata
captures best practice methodology as it evolved in the years after WCAG 1.0
was released. Accesskeys are problematic between browsers and other software
so in general I think the concensus is to concentrate on making the site
accessible and usable without custom keyboard controls. eg. rather than an
accesskey for your site's search box, use your skip menu to provide a jump
link at the start of the document (and not everyone will agree with me even
on that point ;)).

It's kind of similar to the whole issue of tabindex - don't use it, instead
make sure the natural tab order is logical. Same general principle.



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