tee wrote:
> As mentioned in my Opera not playing nice with checkbox post, I have
> collected a list of bugs that I stumbled doing just one
> website.
> http://lotusseedsdesign.com/opera-test/opera.html

The problem of the space at the right of your two columns (about 17px) is
caused by a long-lived issue in Opera. With percentage width it simply
ignores all decimals, so width: 49.9% is computed like width: 49%.
Your 'box' is about 1000px wide, so you loose about 0.9% * 2 * 1000px =

Older version of Opera had even more such "precision" problems, 9.5
corrected many of them, but this one with percentage width and another one
with em borders are still alive. I have some test pages here [1], [2]. Of
the current browsers Opera is the only one not displaying a smooth triangle
there (few pixels rounding errors are normal, but Opera deliberately ignores
all percentage fractions.)


[1] http://brunildo.org/test/percwidth2.pl
[2] http://brunildo.org/test/embord.pl

Bruno Fassino http://www.brunildo.org/test

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