On Sep 13, 2008, at 11:56 PM, Bruno Fassino wrote:

And the unclickable, unselectable behavior in Opera is
driving me nut.
I still can't figure what is causing it. Anybody figure it?

I'm not sure to understand what do you mean here, what exactly is
unclickable/unselectable? (the "go there" link in that page works normally
in my Opera 5.2).  Do you mean "when tabbing with the keyboard" ?

Thanks for asking this. No, it's not tabbing.What I meant is the whole page is not selectable when I place the cursor anywhere in the content area. Using 'Select All' also not working, and the link 'go here' is not clickable. The only clickable areas in the pages are the three checkboxes and radio buttons.


But I can do all these with other sites using Opera. Don't know if it's Dragonfly causing it or not, as I have just installed it yesterday.

My system is Mac OS 10.5.4, Opera version 9.50 4870 build.


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