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tee wrote:
As mentioned in my Opera not playing nice with checkbox post, I have
collected a list of bugs that I stumbled doing just one


The problem of the space at the right of your two columns (about 17px) is
caused by a long-lived issue in Opera. With percentage width it simply
ignores all decimals, so width: 49.9% is computed like width: 49%.
Your 'box' is about 1000px wide, so you loose about 0.9% * 2 * 1000px =

Older version of Opera had even more such "precision" problems, 9.5
corrected many of them, but this one with percentage width and another one with em borders are still alive. I have some test pages here [1], [2]. Of the current browsers Opera is the only one not displaying a smooth triangle there (few pixels rounding errors are normal, but Opera deliberately ignores
all percentage fractions.)

Hi Bruno, thanks. I saw one of your page from google search when trying to figure out what went wrong with Opera.

For checkbox and radio button, anybody know which one is correct behavior? With the same site that I stumbled these Opera issues, I actually notice that FF3 is rendering the select, checkbox as Safari and Camino do, but not always. Upon making test for the above page, I conclude that if background elements or borders are declared, the two browsers switch back to the their old skins.

And the unclickable, unselectable behavior in Opera is driving me nut. I still can't figure what is causing it. Anybody figure it?


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