i would use the unicode entity for fractions:

so, 2/3 would be <p>colour &#8532; of natural...</p>

Hi all,
Just a quick question. I'm writing up a website for a simple brochure
site, and the copy I'm provided with refers to "something 1/3 of
total" or "colour 2/3 of natural" and so on. And it just occured to
me, would Number Slash Number (ie; 1/2) cause any issue in regards
accessibility, be it screen readers or poor reading or math skills
(the correct term for this alludes me for the moment, I'm thinking
dyslexia, but not sure that correctly accounts for all potential
users). As such I wondered if the <abbr> tag might be appropriate, or
if anyone has a better, more suitable sugestion?
Many thanks,
John Unsworth.

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