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> Hi all,
> Just a quick question. I'm writing up a website for a simple brochure
> site, and the copy I'm provided with refers to "something 1/3 of
> total" or "colour 2/3 of natural" and so on. And it just occured to
> me, would Number Slash Number (ie; 1/2) cause any issue in regards
> accessibility, be it screen readers or poor reading or math skills
> (the correct term for this alludes me for the moment, I'm thinking
> dyslexia, but not sure that correctly accounts for all potential
> users). As such I wondered if the <abbr> tag might be appropriate, or
> if anyone has a better, more suitable sugestion?

Why not enter the Unicode fraction characters directly? It's not easy
to enter them from they keyboard, so what I usually do is enter them
as references (e.g. &frac34; or &#8532; as Todd B. suggested) and then
copy & paste them from the browser window into my text editor. It
makes the source HTML much easier to read.

Here's an example. The section called "Encodings" has a 2/3 in it, and
there's some other fractions floating around in there too:


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