On 16/1/09 16:41, Stewart Griffiths wrote:
Please can you provide feedback on the following website

We are looking for thoughts on the design and usability of the site,
plus any general feedback you want to provide.


Just looked at the homepage.

Pointless XHTML formedness errors, lack of heading elements, table layouts, presentational markup, inline styles, obtrusive JavaScript, unnecessary browser detection, presentational class names, and a layout that begins to break with only two text size steps up (at least in Safari) may be byproducts of vBulletin but they undercut the site's ostensible purpose of discussing professional web development in a way that I find hard to overlook given you've adopted a self-hosted solution for the forum.

More subjectively, I think the random bits of sans-serif (menu links at the side and some of the menu links at the top) look discordant, the lack of contrast between the brown backgrounds and darker brown text may make the content hard to read for some users (I'd suggesting using coffee text on white instead of brown text on brown), and the icons in the left-hand navigation menu look too randomly generic.

Sorry that's harsh, but I hope it helps.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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