On 16/1/09 16:41, Stewart Griffiths wrote:
Please can you provide feedback on the following website

We are looking for thoughts on the design and usability of the site,
plus any general feedback you want to provide.

In the header I see "Design, Development, Coffee & [something that breaks to the next line and is hidden behind the nav bar]

+1 Benjamin's comments

Subjectively: underwhelmed by the level of professionalism in a site apparently aimed at pros (but I do still dream that pro might be short for proficient, not just professional. Sadly it seems to me that in this field the word professional is applied in the loosest possible sense. (Bear with me, this next is NOT an attack on you, or your site - you have at least had the humility and good sense to ask this group's opinion) but it seems to me that "mercenary hack" is far too often the more appropriate term.

OK rant over, w/ apologies to all...


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