Hi everyone,

I work in a small web shop in Canada. We have recently been discussing HTML
formatted emails, and accessibility standards or best practices.

We have been struggling a little bit, as we often work with WCAG 1 and 2 as
baseline standards for web page accessibility. However, WCAG standards, like
most of what the W3C produces, is by definition intended to be applied to
content on the World Wide Web. Adding in the fact that email clients vary
wildly in their HTML rendering capabilities, and on occasion actually modify
your HTML code makes things even more confusing.

I think there is a lot of valuable and reusable guidance from WCAG 1&2 that
could be applied to HTML emails (color contrast, content logical when
linearized, alternative text, etc), and there are a lot of HTML email best
practices on sites such as Campaign Monitor. Using these, we're in the
process of trying to assemble our own set of guidelines, accepting the
reality that HTML is here to stay in our organization, so we might as well
make it as accessible as possible.

Does anybody have any recommended best practices or standards with regards
to HTML emails that they would be willing to share?

Saying "no HTML emails" is an easy way out for us, but it's not a realistic



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