Bother! that last reply was supposed to be off list!
Oh well, the discussion had got around to web standards by that point,
so it's fair game.

...and it's a friday afternoon, cut me some slack!!

Thanks to all those who have replied off list. By way of reporting
back to the list, I'll say...

1) Sitemaps are not the magic fix I thought they were.
2) Inbound links and organic indexing are vital.
3) My map pages are pretty short on text - google likes text.

One thing that no-one picked up on was that I still haven't inserted
some common metadata tags - I know they say google doesn't look at the
metadata tags, but it makes me wonder.

Funny how asking your peers to check your work suddenly makes you
aware of basic things you'd missed...
 yes, my pages weren't valid - but they are now!!!  ;-p

Andrew Harris

~~~ <*))))>< ~~~

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