> Because that file is being served as 'text/html' instead of 'text/xml' as it
> should. That is server misconfiguration. I'm not surprised Googlebot doesn't
> pick it up.

yes, quite right, unfortunately, I don't think I can get the CMS to
serve it correctly as xml, however google digested it happily enough -
just failed to spider all URLs - something which I now know is normal.

The only puzzle I still have is with the search results in our Custom
Search Engine (still off topic!) but why would the public search
return a different amount to the custom search? I have to admit, after
5 months of no change, this week it's gone from 1 result to 21 - go

Thanks again to all who replied.

It's just reinforced to me that if you want an internal search engine
that really works and is controllable, that leaving it up to the magic
donkeys at google is really not an option. Still trying to convince
our fine institution of that ;-)

Andrew Harris

~~~ <*))))>< ~~~

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