> I am working on a project that uses JSF with Richfaces and Ajax4jsf.
> All the pages were developed using IE7.0 and they appear properly on it. 
> The same page is rendered a bit differently on the other browsers such as
> Chrome. But the discrepancy is only w.r.t to the borders that are
> During development, I had referred to certain sites suggested on this
forum too and
> was convinced that IE6 had some glaring bugs in rendering using CSS
properties and
> IE7 is the way forward.
> Now due to some constraints, we need to make these pages compatible with
IE6. Here
> comes the trouble. The controls on the pages are not in the expected
places. The panels 
> sit on top of one another and other such mismatches.
> Now is there any way I can identify what CSS properties are not behaving
properly in IE6? 

Do you have IE6 with the dev toolbar installed? That would help you debug
the issues.

> Is there any way that I can make the pages compatible with IE6?

Can you post a link to your page?

www.tjkdesign.com | articles and tutorials 
www.ez-css.org | ultra light CSS framework

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