In addition to other advice, you may find that starting with a blank
css sheet and adding in each instruction one by one, and seeing how
each has an effect on the content. Ok, seems obvious, but this will a)
provide you with information on how each instruction is working,
either adversely or by design b) enabling you to learn more how and
why certain bugs appear, speeding up development and debugging in
future projects and c) can provide insight to redundant instructions,
again speeding up future dev and debug time. As much of a PIA as this
may seem, it can be quite interesting, and considering you've already
written the css, it needn't take long.

Admittedly, mostly obvious and I apologise if anything appears
condescending - that is most certainly not my intent. I just think its
worth bearing in mind some good old fashioned detective work can work
wonders. In addition, to add weight to others suggestions, using
browser specific debugging tools in conjunction with this approach has
saved me time (and hair!) in the past.


Jon Warner

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 5:42 PM, David Hucklesby <> wrote:
> On 3/3/10 9:47 PM, Chakravarthy, Srikanth wrote:
> [...]
>> Now is there any way I can identify what CSS properties are not
>> behaving properly in IE6? Is there any way that I can make the pages
>> compatible with IE6?
>> Any reference link or suggestion will be of immense help.
> The first thing to realize is that IE 6 has partial support for CSS 1,
> while IE 7 introduced some support for CSS 2, particularly the extended
> selectors. You may find the Sitepoint CSS reference useful for seeing
> which selectors and properties IE 6 actually supports:
> Doubtless you have heard complaints about the colorful bugs with which
> this 8+ year old browser is so well endowed. The bugs are quite well
> documented, but tend to pop up in unexpected places. As Thierry has
> already suggested, asking a specific question about a publicly available
> page will likely provide you with better answers than mine.
> Cordially,
> David
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