Hi Tee

When trying the max/min width approach, was the Meta Viewport Tag used?
The Meta Viewport Tag as found in the Viewport section on 

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale = 
1.0"> is the standard one you'll see around the place including HTML5
 Boilerplate. And this compliments the min/max approach (makes it sane).
Equally I found using <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0"> 
worked, but I have yet to test it on many devices.
The difference between the two are that on iOS the first will always keep the 
viewport width the same in both orientations, i.e. 320 portrait and landscape 
on iPhone. Whereas the second will be 320 in portrait and 480 in landscape.

There is a bug in iOS that when using either of the above where orientating to 
landscape zooms the viewport. This was irritating to begin with but only 
requires a quick pinch to correct. There are hacks that fix it but so far I've 
only seen ones that disable zoom. I like zoom, so prefer to leave the bug with 

If not seen already, PPK's A Tale of Two Viewports is an excellent insight into 
this crazy world :D http://www.quirksmode.org/mobile/viewports.html

all the best, Dave @davesmiths

> I would love to hear what other think about the approach for 
> device-width vs max/min width.
> For myself, I have done a couple sites targeting device-width and really 
> think this is better approach. The hype about responsive design got me 
> to try out the max/min width approach, I find that I need to tackle more 
> the the window resizes (and this means writing more CSS rules means 
> penalizing touchscreen device user), and the experience can be quite 
> awful seeing it from desktop browser. 
> I'm sort of in a defeated mood right now, really feel that except the 
> ego to show off, I'm unable to find a convincing reason that desktop 
> user needs to be given a "responsive website" anything smaller than 
> 800px.
> tee

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