On 9/29/11 5:28 PM, tee wrote:
Trying to figure all these another question has arisen. Take iPad for example 
which supports portrait and landscape, so if I have two separate images target 
for the two, doesn't it load two images? Say, I first view a page from 
landscape and this loads the image from it media query, then I switch to 
portrait, it loads the image from its media query, when it does, the one from 
landscape has already been loaded so it won't just magically gone when I am 
still at the portrait right?


Keep it simple. Granted, this is far easier said than done, and god knows I am not good at it, either. But when push comes to shove, any site that requires anything beyond basic readability and functionality for its success [such as a decorative background image] -- regardless of whether it is viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile -- is in deep trouble.


Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Mobile!

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