After a while, we humans decide that small annoyances need to end and 
after hearing from an individual I don't know that  "I am off sick today" 
on the WSG group, I have decided enough is enough. What Russ and his band 
of compatriots did back 15 years or so ago to create a group and spread 
the word has been fantastic howeever it needs a revival.

    The vast majority of us are techie, web developers who know a thing or 
two about great websites that are accessible. Isn't that what WSG is 
crying out for? Gopher and Archie have sadly gone and so should the 
current flavour of WSG.

     WSG could be reincarnated into a thing of beauty and a site to behold 
beacuse with HTML5, a sprinkling of accessibility knowledge and a bunch of 
us hacking away, we could show the world that sites can be accessible and 
uber-cool at the same time.
Over to you...


PS Hope you're feeling better

Ewen Hill
Project Manager.
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