Though I'm using a Devel version, I suspect the following obs of mine is
in all versions.

I was calling CQ on 5357 dF of 1000 up: JT9

While I realize the break-point to JT9 is dF of 2500, I was under the
impression that on 60m we were to try and keep our emitted signal around
5357 dF 1000.

Mebbe somethin' I read in QST or a digital group.

So, the Q portion of this post: Remind me why , when I am using JT65/JT9
split mode, do I still care where I decode JT9???

I was able to transmit at dF 1000. However, though I was received by
AC7JM and subsequently reported to PSKReporter, I was not able to decode
his -5dB signal until I switched WSJTx to JT9 mode.

I was able to decode W5COV on JT65 nearby, and well below the 2500
cutoff. ,,, as expected.

I suppose it's so we don't mix and match on a band. However, when the
crowd is all over each other with JT65 (which I regularly do too) , I
can wedge in in a lot of places with JT9 (if I wanted to and if Jt65/JT9
split mode worked. So this current setup probably keeps the band segment

However, in the question o0f 60m, are we supposed to stay near df 1000?
if so, please release the JT65/JT9 combo to allow tx/rx near 1000.

that is all.

carry on.


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