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Hi Mike & all,

> Do you mean eQSL's QSL card? 

I mean the eQSL service.

> If so, it uses the COMMENT field.  That
> field works for me on eQSL.

Please note that there is an important difference between the COMMENT
and the QSLMSG fields: In the COMMENT field, there are the comments for
myself. In the QSLMSG field, there are the comments for my QSO partner.

Further, there is a NOTES field in the ADIF spec. There is only a little
difference between the COMMENT and the NOTES fields. COMMENT is defined
as an string field and NOTES is defined as an multi-line field. The
purpose is the same. In my opinion, NOTES should be declared as
depreciated, because the ADIF standard doesn't defines the concept of a

Best wishes,
Claude (DJ0OT)

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