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Hi Mike & all,

> Read this note from the eQSL FAQs,,,
> The ADIF tag COMMENT is used for private comments about the QSO. We
> found out a decade ago that people did NOT want those comments disclosed
> on their cards! The ADIF tag QSLMSG is designed to be used for QSL Card
> Comments. That is the one we display on the eQSL card.
> Turns out JTAlert has both fields available and puts the comment in the
> qslmsg field too (at least that's what it's doing for me right now...I
> think their may be a bug).

There are users which do not use JTAlert, e.g. such ones running Linux,
because this software is simply not available.

Do you see any reason why the addition of the QSLMSG field in WSJTX is
nuisible ?

Best whishes,
Claude (DJ0OT)

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