Seems to me we just need to fill TX 6 when it's empty and leave it alone after 
that.  It never changes under normal ops.  So when you put in your custom CQ it 
never gets touched again.
This simple patch sets TX6 only if it's empty for modes other than JT6 and 
This should get you going for the weekend I think.
 mainwindow.cpp      (revision 8021)+++ mainwindow.cpp      (working copy)@@ 
-4003,7 +4005,7 @@   if(m_config.my_callsign().size () && 
m_config.my_grid().size ())     {       auto const& grid = m_config.my_callsign 
() != m_baseCall && shortList (m_config.my_callsign ()) ? QString {} : 
m_config.my_grid ();-      if (ui->cbCQTx->isEnabled () && 
ui->cbCQTx->isVisible () && ui->cbCQTx->isChecked ())+      if 
(ui->cbCQTx->isEnabled () && ui->cbCQTx->isVisible () && ui->cbCQTx->isChecked 
() && ui->tx6->text().length()==0)         {           msgtype (QString {"CQ %1 
%2 %3"}                       .arg (m_freqNominal / 1000 - m_freqNominal / 
1000000 * 1000, 3, 10, QChar {'0'})@@ -4011,7 +4013,7 @@                       
.arg (grid.left (4)),                    ui->tx6);       }-      else+      
else if (ui->tx6->text().length()==0)         {           msgtype (QString {"CQ 
%1 %2"}.arg (m_config.my_callsign ()).arg (grid.left (4)), ui->tx6);         }
de Mike W9MDB 
      From: Rich - K1HTV <>
 To: WSJT <> 
 Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2017 10:38 PM
 Subject: Re: [wsjt-devel] Why wipe Tx6 message?
 Bill,  Yes, I know that the Tx5 messages can easily be stored and retrieved.  
But in R8021 and other builds, when I  click on a call of a station replying to 
my CQ, the special message stored in TX5 gets wiped out. That means every time 
I want to again use that special message I need to go the Tx5 drop down menu, 
find it and select it AGAIN.
In the case of future DXpeditions using FT8, of which I'm sure there will be 
many, having to pull down a special message such as "CQ P5AA SPLT" or "CQ P5AA 
UP" after every QSO will be a real inconvenience and a pain.
Again, what is needed is a CQ message box that can be frozen without having to 
reprogram it after each QSO. Many DXers use special CQ messages such as "CQ DX 
call Grid" or CQ NA call Grid".  As the program works now, after each DX QSO 
they need to re-populate the CQ box. 
Why can't one of the boxes be frozen is again my question.
73,Rich - K1HTV
= = =

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 00:47:54 +0100
From: Bill Somerville <>
Subject: Re: [wsjt-devel] Why wipe Tx6 message?
Message-ID: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8; format=flowed

On 11/08/2017 00:40, Rich - K1HTV wrote:
The first FT8 DXpedition using FT8 will occur this weekend as OH2BR & OH2JR 
operate from Market Reef as OJ0BR & OJ0JR. In responding to an email from 
Martti, OH2BR, I suggested that since he would not be able to copy anything 
from multiple stations calling on the same frequency, that he run split. I…HI 

non-standard messages can be added to the free text macros, just enter 
them into Tx5 (or Free text on tab 2) and hit ENTER, they will be save 
on the macros list and can be recalled with a couple of mouse clicks. On 
tab 2 they do not get overwritten either.

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