Hi team!

This is a follow-up to my email I sent out back in August of last year. Since 
my last message, I've been experimenting with many different digital modes 
while operating portable, including FT8. The mode is fantastic for low power 
portable operating, often allowing QSOs farther under the noise than even 

In this exploration, I've found a set of ham radio operators that are 
incredibly interested in the properties of FT8, but have need for extended free 
text QSOs and keyboard to keyboard communication. I've been exploring this 
space since.

>From my last email, you can see an example of this in action here: 

However, since then, I've been experimenting with a standard form UI similar to 
what you would see in Fldigi and others for keyboard to keyboard communication. 
I've attached a photo of this here.

My question to Joe and the group are:

1) is this something being actively worked on by other developers?
2) is there interest in including something like this in the official wsjtx 
3) what's the process to get community contributions included?


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