While on 20M FT8 a few days ago I saw 5B4AIF and called him. It appeared that 
he was using the DXpedition mode (N=1). While sending a RR73 message to one 
station, it was followed by a semicolon and my call and report. I had called 
the 5B4, hundreds of Hertz higher in frequency. When he answered my call, I 
received an alert message about having to be in the DXpedition mode. I did NOT 
enter the Fox/Hound mode, nor did I manually move lower in frequency, as the 
mode would do automatically. I continued calling the 5B4, but he never 
responded. I wonder If I had manually moved my frequency closer to him if the 
QSO would continue. Probably not, because the magic "byte" was not set, right?

See you all Tuesday EST for the FT8 DXpedition mode test pileups. I'm sure that 
they will be big!


Rich - K1HTV 

= = =

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I’m curious to know what will happen when someone wanders into these tests, 
without RC2, and tries to send one of the messages not used in these 
abbreviated sequences.  Will those callers be ignored?

Dave / NX6D
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