On 13/03/2018 13:30, Black Michael via wsjt-devel wrote:
I believe perhaps we should have "Default" as an option on Data Bits, Stop Bits, Hand Shake, and Force Control Lines.  That would prevent a lot of operator errors since hamlib already has defaults for all rigs that generally work other than COM port and Baud rate which most everybody understands.

Is there any reason this won't work?

Hi Mike,

yes that is a good idea. I would omit the "Force Control Lines" part as that already has a default and Hamlib doesn't really have a default for those since it is interface hardware dependent.

The Handshake one is a bit tricky as many rigs that use RTS/CTS handshaking depend on a rig menu setting. Their factory default is usually with handshaking enabled because the other option is often PTT via RTS and that could cause damage if the user plugs in a standard RS-232 connection (could key the transmitter).


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