HI !

Sorry if this is "known bug", but today I managed first time make a test with DXpedition mode (TY7C / 17m) and I have been lazy to read all messages through as there were them so many after first official test.

As working DX  is "a single event" I can not repeat this. Unless I hear him some day on another band.

Qso went ok. At RR73 log window opened as usual and I pressed OK to log the qso. Logging is then done via UDP to Cqrlog.

I watched a while the traffic and noticed that few minutes  later I got again RR73 for 2 times. Afterwards checking Cqrlog's list of worked stations I noticed that the qso was there 3 times with bit different minutes.

Same with wsjt-x's log:

I use 1.9.0rc2 from official download, not the latest compiled from svn. So this bug may be fixed there.

In that case sorry for wasting  byte space.


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