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Von: Deplazes Gion <deplazes.giond...@bluewin.ch> 
Gesendet: Sonntag, 8. April 2018 11:34
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Betreff: FT8 DXpedition mode /interference other digital modes


Dear Joe, dear OM's,


Thanks very much for  the information on the new FT8 mode and the carefull

I appreciate it very much that you welcome suggestions to minimize
interference with other digital modes.


Indeed there might be a problem on 20 m band :

For years we are using 14'104.5, 14'105.5, 14'106.5 , 14'107.5 and 14'108.5
center frequency in olivia 32/1000  world wide also for longer chats.


Olivia is mainly a low power mode, with current condx we also need sometimes
more power.  So i expect interference. 

 I would kindly ask you, if you could move your frequency  slightly away and
i think the whole olivia comunity would be much obliged.


Best regards from a intense user of all kind of digital modes.


Gion D. Deplazes


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