Thank you and the team for your efforts. I strongly agree with the needs you have articulated. Let me add this comment.

Virtually ANY major contest and DXpedition results in very high activity on bands that are open. It's not unusual for either to attract thousands of operators, and it's inevitable that they (we) will disrupt SOMEONE'S watering hole, regardless of mode or style of operating. Both of these events are limited in time and confined to certain bands/modes -- on any given band, they may last a weekend, or part of a day. And usually the watering hole(s) being disrupted have FAR less activity than the contests or expeditions. With the exception of GENUINE emergencies, no one, no mode, no net has the exclusive right to any operating frequency at any time. The fact that "we're here every day at this time" or that "we're in the net directory" doesn't matter. What does matter is that we share our bands as cooperatively as practical and with as much good will as possible.

73, Jim K9YC

On 4/8/2018 9:07 AM, Ned wrote:
The WSJT development team with my support and those of other digital mode operators are launching a campaign to assess the current band plans for all IARU regions. Clearly, the game is changing and activity in the digital modes on the amateur bands is on the increase and it would be prudent to begin the process of mapping the way forward to use the amateur spectrum in the best way possible. This process will take some time but must start now. There will be changes in band plans in the future, undoubtedly, but we must continue to operate with the objectives of minimizing interference until then. If the KH1 activity on the DXpedition mode is successful, it might act as a model for DXpedition mode use in the interim.

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