> I've ordered one also.  I was a reviewer for the early drafts of the
> book, which were very good, I'm looking forward to seeing how the
> final version came out!

I was very excited for the release of this book (back when it was going
to be called Scripting for Testers or something along those lines), and
waited almost a year for it, however after flipping through it at the
bookstore I'm not sure just how useful it is for anyone with
intermediate (or so) Ruby skills.  The test and watir coverage seemed
pretty light overall, mostly covered basic Ruby stuff like working with
Strings, Arrays, RegExp etc. and programming 101 - decision structures,
variables etc.  Maybe good for a beginner, but didn't turn out to be
what I expected.  No slight to Brian with whom some of you are probably
well acquainted, just didn't seem to meet my needs/expectations.
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