Upon further review...
I finally got to the book and gave it a proper reading.  (Although I still need 
to go back and do some of the excercises)
I was inaccurate in my initial comments based on a superficial browsing of the 
book a couple months back.  Mea culpa.

The first half is a lot of review, but there are definitely some nuggets and 
neat tricks in there, many he points out and others jump out at you.  He does a 
good job of illustrating test-first scripting for example, he shows Ruby 
short-cuts and nuances that are cool but not necessarily obvious, etc.

The middle chapters on project organization, packaging, building etc. are very 
valuable and definitely helped me see how I could reorganize some of the 
projects I've done to make them easier to mangage, enhance, and share with 
others.  I look forward to using his project template utilities and seeing what 
they do.

The last few chapters are really pretty cool -- I'm looking forward to reading 
them again and working on the exercises to catch everything but he hits on some 
slick stuff.

And although it didn't meet my initial expectations, which as I've now learned 
were off-base from the book's intentions, I found it to be a very good resource 
on the craft of scripting and that it gives you a lot of tools and concepts to 
apply to your test scripting projects.
I would recommend it to both newbies and experienced ruby programmers, as Chris 
McMahon pointed out 
"Even if you know this stuff, there are surprising little
bits that will still probably take you by surprise, unless you are
very, very good at Ruby." (and even then I bet :-)

And lastly, the book has some good philosophy on scripting and testing in 
general.  He provides a lot of insight from an experienced point of view that I 
found helpful and enlightening.
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