Charles the Hawk <charlesthehawk@...> writes:

> At first I installed the 90.0.1 from the older site.  I had to modify 
> wxdirect to do an "import Foreign.C.Types" to get rid of the arg type 
> errors and change the pointer assignment in eljpen.cpp that others have 
> mentioned.  It was working fine so I installed the 90.1 from Atze's repo 
> into a sandbox as described in the wiki.  I thought I changed the path 
> to use the 90.1 wxdirect but it's possible the older modified wxdirect 
> was running.  I'll try to play around with it some tomorrow and make 
> sure my modified wxdirect isn't being run.  But I definitely had to 
> change all the CHECK_VERSIONs to 2,9,4 or they could be commented out as 
> Blair suggested.

Could you upload your modified code to Github? You seem to have done a lot
of good work to make it compile, it would be great if others could use it.

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