> That's where my inexperience with Haskell comes in.  It seems I've
> picked a bad time to learn the language, for a lot of the example
> programs won't compile on my system.  It wants things like "import
> Data.List" and import "System.Directory" instead of just "import List"
> and "import Directory".  Would "import Data.List" and "import
> Foreign.C.Types" work on older versions of the compiler?

List and Directory are from the old Haskell98 days before we switched
to hierarchical module names (Data.List, System.Directory).

It's worth modernising the example programs.
Great albeit somewhat mindless starter task

> FWIW, I'm a retired Pick (if anyone remembers that) programmer now
> working as a school headmaster but try to use my programming skills as
> much as possible.  I started using OCaml about 10 years ago and
> converted a lot of my old software to it but was using mostly imperative
> code and classes.  The learning curve has been steeper than I expected
> (hoped), but those "That's so cool!" moments have been frequent enough
> to keep me interested. :)

Well worth it!

Eric Kow <http://erickow.com>

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