On 06/10/2013 10:21 AM, harry wrote:
> Charles the Hawk <charlesthehawk@...> writes:
>> At first I installed the 90.0.1 from the older site.  I had to modify
>> wxdirect to do an "import Foreign.C.Types" to get rid of the arg type
>> errors and change the pointer assignment in eljpen.cpp that others have
>> mentioned.  It was working fine so I installed the 90.1 from Atze's repo
>> into a sandbox as described in the wiki.  I thought I changed the path
>> to use the 90.1 wxdirect but it's possible the older modified wxdirect
>> was running.  I'll try to play around with it some tomorrow and make
>> sure my modified wxdirect isn't being run.  But I definitely had to
>> change all the CHECK_VERSIONs to 2,9,4 or they could be commented out as
>> Blair suggested.
> Could you upload your modified code to Github? You seem to have done a lot
> of good work to make it compile, it would be great if others could use it.

That's where my inexperience with Haskell comes in.  It seems I've 
picked a bad time to learn the language, for a lot of the example 
programs won't compile on my system.  It wants things like "import 
Data.List" and import "System.Directory" instead of just "import List" 
and "import Directory".  Would "import Data.List" and "import 
Foreign.C.Types" work on older versions of the compiler?

FWIW, I'm a retired Pick (if anyone remembers that) programmer now 
working as a school headmaster but try to use my programming skills as 
much as possible.  I started using OCaml about 10 years ago and 
converted a lot of my old software to it but was using mostly imperative 
code and classes.  The learning curve has been steeper than I expected 
(hoped), but those "That's so cool!" moments have been frequent enough 
to keep me interested. :)

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