Eric Kow wrote:
> On 14 Apr 2012, at 00:16, Eric Kow wrote:
>> Now some good and bad news for MacOS: seems to build fine if you
>> have GHC 7.0.4. GHC 7.4.1 may require a minor patch that's in the
>> darcs repo, probably something worth a micro release of wxc.
> Better news!  Getting this working was just a matter of tacking on
> --use-llvm
> I've updated
> If you've recently struggled getting wxHaskell working on MacOS X,
> I'd appreciate your feedback on things that you might trip over.
> *Hopefully* this new release allows people to just make wxHaskell
> work with just very common components: HP, HomeBrew.

Thanks for the new wxHaskell release!

I just tripped over a bug in the  Setup.hs  belonging to  wxc  that 
prevented me from compiling wxHaskell with 32bit architecture.

The problem is the following: in the function  linkSharedLib , the 
function  runProgram  is commented out and the function  system  is used 
instead. This is not correct because  gcc  may (and in my case: does) 
carry additional command line options! (Besides, the verbose output is 

Apparently, this was done because the   runProgram  didn't work for some 
reason. The reason is that some command line options are actually two 
arguments. In particular, setting the output file via

   "-o " ++ out_dir </> sharedLibName ver basename,

is not correct, the right way to go about it are two arguments

   "-o", out_dir </> sharedLibName ver basename,

Same for the "-install_name" option. Four lines need to be changed in 
the  linkCxxOpts  file, then  runProgram  will work.

Apologies for the long description, I just don't know how to send a patch.

With the changes above, I'm able to link several example programs and 
run them. Some have issues, likely due to the Cocoa version of 
wxWidgets. Haven't tried GHCi yet.

Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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