I'll try and take a look at it this week. Currently I don't have a
convenient wxWidgets 2.8.x development environment, but I'll create one.


On 14/04/2012 22:40, "Henk-Jan van Tuyl" <hjgt...@chello.nl> wrote:

>I had some problems installing the branch for wxWidgets 2.8.x:
>The command
>   cabal install 'wx < 0.90'
>results in
>   Resolving dependencies...
>   Downloading wxdirect-0.90...
>   :
>The dependency on wxcore in wx.cabal (version must have an
>limit '< 0.90' and the dependency in wxdirect in wxcore.cabal (version
> must have an upper limit '< 0.90'
>Another bug:
>Cabal-install tried to install wxc-0.90; I saw the following error
>   setup.exe: This version of wxcore requires wx 2.9 to be available
>wx should be wxWidgets, of course.
>Henk-Jan van Tuyl
>Haskell programming

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