I also get this with the HomeBrew wxWidgets.
(Just to be clear it's not just MacPorts :-))

On 17 Apr 2012, at 22:28, Conal Elliott wrote:

> I get the following when trying to run a simple wxHaskell program in ghci:
> Loading package wxc- ... can't load framework: QuickTime 
> (dlopen(/System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework/QuickTime, 9): no 
> suitable image found.  Did find:
>     /System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework/QuickTime: no matching 
> architecture in universal wrapper
>     /System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework/QuickTime: no matching 
> architecture in universal wrapper)
> Any suggestions? I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8 and GHC-7.0.4 from the Haskell 
> Platform.
> -- Conal

Eric Kow <http://erickow.com>

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