Hi Mark,

I'm using Linux not Mac, but when I do 2.9.2, I get an error message saying
only 2.8.10, 2.8.11 or 2.9.0 allowed. 

It doesn't show the fabled 2.9.1 or indeed 2.9.2, where I get the message.

Interesting that Erik managed to get so far with 2.9.1.  Is it platform

Hi Erik, congrats on your new Mac.



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To build all current wxWidgets, either stable or development, you need 
to use SDK 10.6 or below I think.

The code pasted below is untested but should probably work using 
Alien::wxWidgets from SVN to get you a 2.9.2 build

perl Build.PL --wxWidgets-extraflags=" 
--with-macosx-version-min=10.5" --wxWidgets-build='yes' 
--wxWidgets-source='tar.bz2' --wxWidgets-version=2.9.2



On 22/07/2011 20:54, Erik Colson wrote:
> Ehlo,
> So I got a brand new Macbook Air today and launched
>     cpan install Alien::wxWidgets
> wxWidgets 2.9.1 failed to build with this error:
d/bk-deps g++ -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 -c -o coredll_utils_osx.o
-I./.pch/wxprec_coredll -D__WXOSX_COCOA__      -DWXBUILDING
bld/src/tiff/libtiff -I../src/tiff/libtiff -I../src/jpeg -I../src/png
-fPIC -DPIC -Wall -Wundef -Wunused-parameter -Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy
-Woverloaded-virtual -Wno-deprecated-declarations -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
bld/lib/wx/include/osx_cocoa-unicode-2.9 -I../include -DWX_PRECOMP -O2
-fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -fvisibility=hidden
-fvisibility-inlines-hidden ../src/osx/utils_osx.cpp
> ../src/osx/utils_osx.cpp: In function 'int wxDisplayDepth()':
> ../src/osx/utils_osx.cpp:71: error: 'CGDisplayBitsPerPixel' was not
declared in this scope
> make: *** [coredll_utils_osx.o] Error 1
> system: make all: 512 at ./Build line 60
>    MDOOTSON/Alien-wxWidgets-0.52.tar.gz
>    ./Build -- NOT OK
> any idea ? or maybe wxWidgets does not support Lion (yet) ?
> --
> erik

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