There was a discussion about focus stealing (away from XQuartz) a while back. I 
don't know if that's been resolved in later versions that I'm currently 
running, but I just noticed the following in my system.log after a background 
process ("agent") bugged me to unlock a keychain:

Oct 15 11:05:56 Portia.local launchservicesd[61]: Application App:"XQuartz" 
asn:0x0-2b02b pid:615 refs=7 @ 0x7ffee8d32ec0 tried to be brought forward, but 
isn't in fPermittedFrontApps ( ( "LSApplication:0x0-0x52c52c pid=83685 
"SecurityAgent"")), so denying. : LASSession.cp #1481 SetFrontApplication() 
q=LSSession 100004/0x186a4 queue
Oct 15 11:05:56 Portia.local WindowServer[140]: [cps/setfront] Failed setting 
the front application to XQuartz, psn 0x0-0x2b02b, securitySessionID=0x186a4, 

That coincided nicely with a loss in xterm focus (though curiously the menubar 
never changed from belonging to XQuartz AFAICT).

So the question is: how do we add XQuartz to the list of apps that are allowed 
to bring themselves forward?


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