On Monday October 17 2016 08:17:59 Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

>> Thanks - Is there a way to get at least the summary of that radar?
>The summary is basically what has been discussed on this list and trac for the 
>past years.
>>See https://github.com/XQuartz/xquartz-old-tickets/blob/master/ticket/58.md

Most of it on trac as I can't recall reading any of it. Curious that I've been 
mostly unaffected, not even because of the internetaccounts daemon which is 
about the only of the identified culprits that I'm using.

>> So do we have control over the list of permitted front apps?
>I have no clue what that error means or why XQuartz got removed from that 
>list.  I've asked.

Ok, keeps us posted please. It's an error that's never made much sense to me 
because I'm also seeing it for standard applications (like Preview.app, I 
think). This was the first time I could link it to an actual and undesirable 
effect. Which in fact begs the question whether this is a message from a 
focus-stealing prevention algorithm?

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