On 30/11/2016 15:59, David Borman wrote:
The problem with the jumping windows started with
> Yosemite and continued with El Capitan.  As of Sierra,
> the problem has gone away.  As far as I know, it has
> never been understood or explained what caused the
> behavior, and what changed with Sierra to make the
> problem go away.  It is definitely an interaction
> between quartz-wm and Mac OS, if you run a different
> window manager you don’t have the jumping xterm issue.
> The wiindows don’t randomly jump, it is very predictable:
> the x and y coordinates of the upper left corner of the
> window get doubled.

My recommendation is to upgrade to Sierra to resolve the
> jumping window problems.


Upgrading to macOS Sierra did not solve the problem on my
machine.  I still got jumping windows when I have more than
one display.
So far nobody has come up with a good and permanent solution
for this problem.

Have a nice day.

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