Hi Alex,

> http://x2go.obviously-nice.de/deb/pool-heuler/x2goclient/
Great, thanks. And why did it take months and heaps of discussions to
get this link? 

> Q: Why x2goclient don't use libssh or shared ssh connection instead of
> starting a lot of ssh connections?
> A: There are several reasons not to use shared connections. X2go client
> starting ssh to run some commands on server. But also x2goclient
> starting a couple of ssh-tunnels and reverse ssh-tunnels. All client
> ssh-connections have the same options as a master connection. This make
> impossible to use shared ssh connections to create reverse tunnels. We
> are testing now if libssh can do all this stuff in one connection and
> how stable it running on all platforms. If all tests with multiply ssh
> tunnels and reverse tunnels running at the same time will be successful,
> we will integrate libssh in x2goclient.
Sorry, but have you ever checked out my little pyx2go project? It uses
only one SSH connection and it is dimensions faster than your client!
There's nothing impossible with forward/reverse tunnels and a shell on a
single connection!
> Q: Where is a git ????!!!!!!
> A: Coming soon. I promise.
Same statement came from Heinz on July 15th - can we expect to have GIT
in the beginning of next year? *LOL*

> Q: What is current status of project? What are you doing all this time?
> A: A lot of things. We are working hard to make x2go better.
Cool,and why don't you let others help you? Shall I fork it and develop
it from scratch or is there a little chance that my work is honoured and
I don't need to do all the work again but can help you??

Thanks for sharing the information and thanks that (again) nothing


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