Since the most recent update to Fedora X2Go Server, Mate Session Logout
no longer works.  It removes the panels and applications but leaves the
background and connection up and the only way I can terminate it is to use
the Session->Terminate function from the X2Go client.

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On Sat, 3 Mar 2018, Mihai Moldovan wrote:

Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 00:43:38 +0100
From: Mihai Moldovan <>
To: Robert Dinse <>
Subject: Re: [X2Go-User] LinuxMint 18.3 upgrade fails

* On 03/03/2018 12:37 AM, Robert Dinse wrote:
      Question: It appears that the various libs in lib-nx that used to be
separate deb packages on Ubuntu/Debian, etc, have been replaces with a single
nx-11-common package, is this correct?

Nope, wrong.

-common packages, as always in Ubuntu/Debian context, only contain shared,
architecture-independent data.

The libraries that have been removed from the new nx-libs package are really
gone. nx-libs (and in particular nxagent) now uses more system libraries instead
of bundling older versions itself.

So seeing less packages being installed is correct.


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