Hi all,

I set up an X2Go server to connect to a remote machine and most 
applications run very well. Unfortunately I rely on one java 
application where some of its GUI components suffers huge 
latencies. Here, actions like a click on a button take up to 10 
seconds to perform while there is no delay when running the 
application without X2Go.
The latencies can be reduced to 4 seconds by reducing the 
connection speed to "MODEM" and the image quality to 0. However, 
the latency is still huge compared to running the application 

Furthermore, the java application does not re-print its window and 
it stays blank when minimizing the X2Go window.

My setup:
I use Xfce as a desktop, the connection speed is set to "MODEM", 
the compression algorithm is set to 16m-jpeg, the image quality 
is set to 0 and I use Oracle's JRE 1.8.0_152. The problems also occur
when I connect to the host within the same LAN.

Maybe someone has encountered similar problem and can give me a 
few hints for solving them.

Best regards,
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